Pia Bohr

27.05.2022 – 04.07.2022

Just over 15 years ago, the Arp Museum at the former Rolandseck railway station organised a traveling exhibition with around 200 works by the probably most important German sculptor Hans Arp.  I grew up near the museum's home town of Remagen, which is why, in spite of resistance, I had to be dragged along countless times by my parents. Once on site, I was fascinated - probably underpinned by a great programme of art education and mediation for children - by the haptic character of Arp's works. Due to this character I understood the sentence "Don't touch the art" as a kind of challenge rather than a warning.

Grzegorzski Shows is pleased to present "Touch Me I ́m Sick", the solo exhibition of artist & musician Pia Bohr.
Typical of her work are the flowing contours, the curved silhouettes, the swelling forms, the curving surfaces and the soft transitions. The surfaces are mostly smooth so that the grain of the wood is clearly visible. It is reminiscent of veins, flesh or skin. It seems as if the biomorphic works of the artist are searching for an optical language that is able to grasp the spiritual spheres, beyond the world of appearances. So the idea of making something invisible visible in this case is already very fascinating.
Stylistically, Bohr's works are reminiscent of late works - especially the so-called human concretions - by the artist Hans Arp. The content of Bohr's sculptures also appears - similar to Arp sculptural work - on tiptoe and without any pretension. Just like the track of an animal in the snow. Pia Bohr's sculptures cope with geometric specifications. Although the work begins with a rough idea, the artist is ultimately guided by the grain of the material. She goes with the wood and trusts it.
The title of the exhibition, "Touch Me I ́m Sick", finds its origin in a song of the same name, published in 1988 by the grunge band Mudhoney. It is perhaps the most psychotic debut single ever released. The song was covered shortly after its release by New York alternative rock band Sonic Youth. Postpunk as a worldview, the notion of emancipation and the possibility and freedom to do anything to detach from the system is an important instance of the driving forces behind Bohr's works.
"Touch Me I'm Sick" refers to both protagonists on the show. It is the works of art speaking as well as their creator. Movement is expressed, sometimes in despair or protest. Different genders appear, the proportions are intentionally distorted or perhaps in this case "sick". We are - obviously - trained to keep a safe distance from the so-called "sickness". It should not be misunderstood, however, that something or someone sick is able to share his or her experience in a particularly explicit and unique way - which can be very tempting. Bohr's sculptures are therefore open to touch (Touch Me!).

Between 1984 and 1997 and from 2003 to the end of 2013 - under the name Pia Lund - Pia Bohr was a musician and singer of  Phillip Boa and Voodooclub. She is internationally known in the avant-garde rock scene. Bohr´s responsibility was especially to find melodies, both instrumental and vocal. Her sculptural practice is a continuation of her musical work with other means.

Text Jan Fischer